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Bridesmaid Emergency Kit

Bridesmaid Emergency Kit

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Being a bridesmaid is a tough job, but someone's got to do it, right? And it might as well be you. Your bestie's big day is here and to keep your cool in case a situation might arise, pick up this Bridesmaid Fashion Emergency Kit from Hollywood Fashion Secrets to avoid any and all crises that could come your way.

Emergency Kit includes:

  • Ball of foot and moleskin cushions to help ease the pain of those new heels, because you will be standing an awful lot.
  • Bobby pins and a clear elastic to help secure whatever hairdo the bride decides her bridesmaids should have.
  • A straw to sip some water because you don't want to ruin your picture perfect lipstick.
  • Oil blotting sheets to avoid any makeup imperfections.
  • A nail file just in case you get a hang nail or bite your nails out of nervousness.
  • Stain removing wipe in case you spill something on your dress... make sure the bride does not see that happen.
  • Small tube of static guard to avoid any cling.
  • Pack of tissues in case you start uncontrollably weeping during the ceremony.
  • Sewing kit in case you need to make any last minute alterations.
  • Deodorant wipe in case you can't stop sweating because you just realized this is the day your best friend is getting married. She can't have sweaty bridesmaids.
  • Deodorant removing sponge in case you get a spot of deodorant on your dress. You don't have to use water with this, so if you spot a smudge as you're about to walk down the aisle, give yourself a little dab with the sponge and you're good to go.
  • Pink clutch with black piping and a black bow to carry all of these supplies and then some.

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